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Beauchamp micro-technology main: Juki posted tablets machine, and high-speed posted tablets machine, and Juki accessories, and posted tablets machine SMT, and imports posted tablets machine, and multifunctional posted tablets machine, and shaped plug-in machine, and pemtron Ben create, and 3DAOI detection, and 3DSPI detection, and Heller return welding furnace, and return furnace, and vacuum return welding, and no lead return welding, and imports return welding, and online AOI, and SMT return welding, and online SPI, headquarters set in Hong Kong. In order to provide faster services to local customers, and set up a subsidiary in South China (Shenzhen), the subsidiary in East China (Suzhou). For the Chinese and international customers with better access to quality services. Beauchamp micro-technology of backbone members in SMT industry has 10 years above of work experience, sales and the sale Hou team are for eight years above after-sales service experience personnel composition, sale Hou personnel on maintenance JUKI posted tablets machine the paragraph new old model very master, face domestic customer needs provides professional technology advisory and the perfect of after-sales service, plus first-class of quality management skills, get many customer of approval and specified by our is responsible for after-sales service. Occupies a considerable market share. We adhere to the spirit for all professional and efficient customer service in the field of science and technology, such as information technology, telecommunications, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, power management, network communications and medical electronics. Beauchamp micro technology from established hardware products and services (Hardware Product Services) provider, to precision with high added value solutions (High-value-added Precision Solutions) integration service provider, we will work to provide the most professional technology, high quality, high performance and efficient solutions in the industry. In high quality and efficient services for our SMT provide whole line one-stop cover plate + automatic up and down press +SPI+ + multifunctional Mounter of high speed SMT machine + automatic reflow +AO total solution.

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